The Offical Weblog of Russell Jennings

Rails to Me

Rails is a means to an end.

It is a tool I wield. I do not view changes to it as obstacles, but as judo moves I can now make that I could not before. I accept changes to Rails by default, because it is the direction it is going, the direction it is evolving. The new way I have to hold it. I accept the summation of the community efforts as readily as I accept the weather.

If I don’t understand, I raise my hand. If I have a better idea, I pipe in. If I still think my idea is better after someone tells me it’s stupid, I try it out. And when I publish my gist and people tell me I violated the principals of MVC or DRY or OO, I push to production. Why? Because fuck you, thats why. The most important thing is that I want to make things, and Rails lets me do that. When or where it does not suit my needs, I change the tool, use a different one, or make my own; and above all else, move on.

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