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My Top ArduinoVersusEvil Videos

Very knowledgeable and always entertaining, ArduinoVersusEvil is a Canadian based youtuber with extensive understanding of electrical and mechanical engineering and manufacturing. His channel is primarily taking things apart, or working on his own projects. I’ve watched a lot of them, so I thought I’d highlight some of my favorites!

The Most Undervalued Indicator for Hiring Great Developers

Hiring developers is a tough problem, and there are lots of efforts to try and measure the skill set of a candidate, but most are either entirely faulty or only paint a partial picture.

But there is one indicator you can use that tells you close to everything you need to know about a candidate, an indicator that most shops overlook when evaluating applicants…

Upgrading Rails to Use Strong_params Automatically

If you need to upgrade a rails app to rely on strong_params, getting all the attributes sorted out can be tedious and painful. But here I’ll share with you a method that you can use to have most of the work done automatically. All you have to do is exercise your site, or have your test suite do it.

Be Kind

Great advice, and something we could all do more.

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